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GDIF designs, develops and manages from International Financial Spotlights, Own Investment Products, inputting various Investment Entities to a completely controlled process after a thorough risk minimization.

The changing flows in the international financial environment require both the selection of Investment Projects and the design and structuring of Investment Product that are subject to a constant process of innovation to improve investment conditions and expectations of profitability.

Thanks to our flexibility and guidance to the Investment Entity, we understand that each Entity requires a particular approach and a solution that fits their interests under the Investment Product.

GDIF works as an Investment Boutique, applying its Own Innovation Financial Processes specializing in Investment Funds based in Real and Tangible Economics, easy to control and follow-up.

GDIF is present in five sectors for investment by developing two separate Closed Investment Funds. In the field of Renewable Energy with GD Energy Fund, in Resorts & Hotels with GD Resorts & Hotels Fund, in the field of Digital Content with GD Entertainment Fund, in the field of Food with GD Food Fund and in the Infrastructure sector with GD Infrastructure Fund.

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